Aaron Ball – Drums Brad Lease – Bass Chris Meyer – Vox/Guitar David Johnston – Guitars

[Bellingham/Seattle] Enders of Ozone have been abusing eardrums since 1999 (members of Bali Girls, Sharpie, Batfarm…)

“Enders are an amalgam of all sorts of good rambunctious noise: Meyer’s deadpan howl is culled from TRAIL OF THE DEAD, his bleak intrapersonal rants are torn from Maynard James Keenan’s black journals, & the guitars converge & separate like JEHU.” Andrew Bonazelli, Seattle Weekly “their music can only be described as a punch to the gut & an orgasm in the same instant.” Chris Fuller, What ‘s Up Magazine “Enders headlined and my ears still rang a week later -they brought texture, energy &technical skill to their post-metal, post-post-punk. Their guitar work often reminds me of JEHU, but they ‘re simply much heavier.” Graham Isaac, Nada Mucho “freaked-out garage-punk recalling FUGAZI, POLECAT & ROCLET FROM THE CRYPT.” John Richards, KEXP “Enders actually made me lose my breath (I damn near shit my pants)…so loud…pure, high-energy, intense, brutal rock & roll. I couldn’t wipe the smile off of my face, I knew I’d just seen something remarkable.”

Brent Cole, What’s Up Magazine

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