Jeff Lauras – Bass Arista Strungys – Guitar, Vocals Elliott Talarico – Drums
    “for sheer volume and passion, though, nothing topped Loraxx. Strungys unleashed wave after wave of scorching guitar & growling vocal fury.” Jim DeRogatis, Sun-Times
    “Loraxx plays some of the city’s most aggressive music& earplugs are recommended to all patron”

    Dave Chamberlain, New City
    “Arista Strungys is a prophet and I think you oughta listen.”
    Gerard Cosloy, Matador
    “after experiencing this 26-minute invasion, you’ll feel cleansed, if not terrified. here is rock live & squirming. the banshees are at your door & they’re coming for your first-born.”
    Greg Kot, Tribune
    “the greatest power trio this town has produced since Shellac”
    Monica Kendrick, Reader
    “Most regular people are scared of Loraxx, and they damn-well should be.”
    Steve Forstneger, Entertainer
    “The first thing you’ll notice is Strungys’ flame-thrower of a voice -a hoarse, primal & arresting yowl -decimating everything in sight. But what makes Loraxx such a striking hardcore band is their killer rhythm section, equally adept at producing concrete-blasting bursts of noise as they are eerie grooves.”
    Todd Martens, Alternative Press

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