VEEDEE will rearrange your mind. Out of the Chicago underground crawl VEEDEE like a snake on it’s belly. Three sons of broken homes with an appetite for apathy are delivering their debut album FURTHER – a testament to Midwest life at it’s most dangerous. Coming on like a deranged BUZZCOCKS, VEEDEE have their own brand of tripped out, buzz-fueled, beat driven punk that hasn’t been seen from a Chicago band since the days of the SHADOWS OF KNIGHT..

“When they speed up, I hear clips of early Freeze guitar. When they slow down, out comes the “Bloodstains”-era Agent Orange surf/secret agent man guitar, counter pointed by a Cramps-like addiction to zombies & undertakers. […as if] these guys took a gigantic, aerial photograph of punk America circa 1979-1980, harvested all the best parts, & stitched it together as expertly as a plastic surgeon. Only they keep the “ugly” parts Killed by Death ugly. –Todd/Razorcake

“reminiscent of what may have come out of Danzig’s mind had he went to Vietnam & got a faceful of Agent Orange. Paranoid songs about TV Police, Blood Zombies & all sorts of other weird crap. “Kaleidoscope Death Ray”? Cool.” (RK) TERMINAL BOREDOM

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