GOD TOLD ME TO Larry Cohen

Feature 35mm 91:00 1976

“ExtraordinaryŠ One Hell Of A Scary Movie!” – The Soho News

“The only way the lord has ever successfully disciplined us is through fear. Kill a man and you impress a few people who already believe anyway. Kill a multitude and you can convince a nation.” ­ God Told Me To

A rooftop sniper guns down 14 pedestrians on the streets of New York City. A mild-mannered dad takes a shotgun and blows away his wife and children. A cop (Andy Kaufman in his earliest film role) goes on a sudden shooting spree at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. The only consistent pattern to the crimes involves the perpetrators calm admissions of guilt, explaining, “God told me to.”

While investigating the murders, a repressed Catholic NYPD detective (Tony Lo Bianco of THE HONEYMOON KILLERS and THE FRENCH CONNECTION) uncovers a netherworld of deranged faith, alien insemination and his own unholy connection to a homicidal messiah named Bernard Phillips (Richard Lynch) with a perverse plan for the soul of mankind, and can’t seem to shake the feeling that his own fate is somewhat linked to this mysterious being. As he comes closer to the truth, his worst fears are confirmed. This is the critically acclaimed cult classic written, produced and directed by Larry Cohen (BONE, Q – THE WINGED SERPENT) that remains one of the most disturbing and thought-provoking horror films of our time.


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