“Vortis” is short for VORTICISM, a 1914 avant-garde movement inspired by Ezra Pound (included T.S. Eliot, James Joyce…). Vorticism models life & art on the physical VORTEX, which sucks in the world & spews it out in a continuous maelstrom. A person can be a vortex of experience, sucking in the world, feeling it deeply & intensely & expressing their personal responses to it’s wild diversity. The VORTICIST is nothing but what they do in the world.
Vorticism was crushed by the horrors of World War I, which broke the defiant spirits of its adherents, making them old men before their time.
VORTIS brings that defiance back to life & art in a world caught in a stifling capitalist, technological cocoon. Vorticism is the eternal adolescent rebellion!!!

“this Chicago group is a bull in George Bush’s china shop, shattering the delicate & pristine glass goblets in which the high & mighty drink their wine, while the peasants eat cake. As the band pummels out a reckless melody & beat, Professor Michael Weinstein rants,raves & raps about revolution, retribution, the raping of the constitution & social constipation.” Tony Barnett, New City “Vortis promises “agitainment”w/ their raucous combination of energetic, genre-defying punk-rap/rock ‘n’ roll & in-your-face political dissent.” Ann Arbor News

Fucking insane, crazed punk in the Crucifucks vein, with a 59-year-old Purdue University philosophy professor on vocals. Un-PC, unrelenting and unbelievable…” —Punk Planet

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