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Musical Description: Science Fiction Medicine Show

[Chicago] The Detholz! are a subsidiary of The VORTECS Corporation, committed to the re-invention of humanity through the patented “Science of the Senses”. They have made their life’s work a study of Western classical, jazz & pop music, and aspire to construct the most efficient rock ‘n roll you will ever hear. Utilizing years of research & exploitation, The Detholz! infuse elements of classical, pop, punk, jazz, & Broadway into their music, aspiring to create “the most efficient rock n’ roll you will ever hear”. As longtime proponents of HYPNO-TAINMENT, Detholz performances include the choicest cuts of classic melodrama, old-fashioned science fiction, & life changing pan-sensory stimulation.

Influences include Stravinsky, Monk, Residents, Pixies, Ornette, Monolith of Deth..

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