(New York, 1987) Alice Donut played their 1st show & signed to Alternative Tenacles 3 months later. They became legendary for their innovative music, complex + disturbing lyrics, & hyperkinetic performances. They disbanded after their 1,000th show in 1995.

Alice Donut is finally together again. They recently released the Three Sisters LP off Manhattan’s Howler Records & followed w/ a short tour: 3 West Coast dates (SXSW), a European stint (playing w/ NoMeansNo, The Ex, Tortoise..) & a July 31st CD release party at CBGBs.

 And they’re coming to CUFF, bearing enlightenment for the sweaty freaks, hyper-literate fringe dwellers, paranoid misanthropes & worshipers of the 100-watt mosh. Their music is a nutricious sonic stew of garage, folk, noise, punk, Zeppelin formula, AC/DC hooks, & Butthole Surfers acid-burnt excursions -all scrambling off the edge of acceptability & finding structure left on which to stand for a quick trombone version of Fugazi’s “Waiting Room.” The lyrics veer between heartfelt stories about twisted losers to self-indulgent delusions of grandeur. Get ready to yell out requests:

There isn’t much time so get the new album & get rehearsed -maybe pick up these as well just in case? But DON’T MISS THE SHOW! When did they play here last anyway?

“Alice Donut shows were the most decadent punk rock-fueled all-out orgies I ever witnessed. The result of the reunion is a record that shows the warped Donut sensibility is intact. The music is driving & intense, and the lyrics are twisted & delivered straight (which makes them that much more disturbing)” Creem Magazine

“Their basic formula is simple enough — kick-ass heavy-duty hard rock — but add the band’s often utterly out-there lyrics to the stew along w/ Antona’s vocal quaverings, not to mention the odd bit of Schulmeister’s slightly more controlled sleaze, & what in lesser hands would just be a joke becomes something to equal the masters. If anything, Marilyn Manson made famous what Antona & company were regularly performing, namely hearty eviscerations of the American Dream left, right &center” Ned Raggett, All Music Guide

“tight, bracing musical intricacy & intelligently incisive social commentary, much of it specific to city life: the dark vision running through provocative songs about death, religion, menial labor, urban anomie & man-induced genetic plague is powerful stuff, and the sturdy music backs it up with authority.-Trouser Press

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