“Knife of Simpson is about progressive politics & the socialization of today’s youth. Knife of Simpson is a band with an aggressive, unifying sound. It’s the duty – no, the moral imperative – of Knife of Simpson to stand tall & bald-faced in this era of scrawny chest-thumping thuggery. We have the cahones, musically & physiologically, to deliver a one-two combination that can & will thwart the attempts of nu metal to subvert future generations into the lackluster morass of what we currently coin as music. Remember well, grasshopper, that groups like Limp Bizkit obfuscate the ultimate goals of music: to enlighten, to socialize, to entertain, to unite, to progress the mind & body. Limp Bizkit wields mighty influence & only Knife of Simpson – okay, maybe Nebula & Astroqueen & Cathedral,too – can don the caped crusader vestments & save our children. Think of the children! The children!!!!” – Knife of Simpson

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