“tight, bracing musical intricacy & intelligently incisive social commentary, much of it specific to city life: the dark vision running through provocative songs about death, religion, menial labor, urban anomie & man-induced genetic plague is powerful stuff, and the sturdy music backs it up with authority.-Trouser Press

“some of the most beautifully dirty pop music you’ll hear anywhere.” Melody Maker

“Alice Donut quietly reunited, releasing its most succinct album to date on Howler Records. Though Three Sisters still leans toward high-octane riffs & conscious rocking, a couple of tunes feature simple, catchy melodies that could easily make it to the top of the charts. But Antona has said in recent interviews that this time around the group’s only in it for the fun, which means Alice Donut will remain a beloved secret among hipsters with both ears to the underground. Sam Prestianni, SF Weekly”

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