…formed in Boston (1988), they’ve released 6 definitive albums & a beastly catalog, sharing recordings (Jon Spencer, Mick Collins, Don Howland & Andre Williams…) & releasing on many labels (Estrus, Crypt, Rekkids, Gawdawful, Secret Keeper, Dog Meat…) before signing w/ In The Red in ’92.

Their sound holds style, dripping in primordial bawls & fuming distortion, amplified at unnerving levels. They’ve been described as “everything qualified by something”-psychedelic music for manic depressives, garage rock for serial killers, indie pop for ill-tempered hillbillies-the undisputed kings of misfit melancholia, anarchic amplification, and free-range low-end rumble. . Cheater Slicks haven’t played Chicago in at least 7 years SO DON’T BLOW IT!

“Cheater Slicks can clear a room full of so called “alternative types” so fast, you’ll wet yourself in sheer delight. [Their] brand of Lo-Fi dirt rock is so nasty in it’s sincerity that it’s actually frightening at times.” Dr. Nefarious,hotweird
“A witchery powered hemi engine behind a flesh grinding butcher’s gears, the Slicks’ brought professionalism & precision to their scuzzy stompers & moody raunch w/ a performance that remains one of the best of the year, and actually almost surpassed the Oblivians’ effort later that night.”” Max Dropout, letthemeatlead
“[An] amazing modern garage rock staple. They play a different, sinister garage rock that doesn’t quite fit in with the image & flash that accompanies most of their contemporaries. In many ways they have more in common with old Sonic Youth or Pussy Galore than anyone out there today. They’re more deserving of the Velvet Underground comparisons thrown at the current crop of new “garage bands” that appear on every other page of Spin. “Yer Last Record” is a perfect example. This stuff sounds like it was recorded in a wet, grimy cellar by people who’ve tasted the lowest that life has to offer. They revel at the bottom, with swampy, sweaty abandon. As appealing as this is, The Cheater Slicks real genius lies in the pretty melodies that emerge from the muck…loosely hammered & fastened, w/ cracks that let a little fresh air & sun filter through. Songs like “Momentary Muse,” “Stop Breathing,” “Goodbye” are grand, mournful examples of rock at its best.” The Odyssey
“the best band in the world, but nobody understands them in The States” -Grunnen Rocks
“primal envelope-pushers” Andrew Earles, Memphis Flyer

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