9:15pm Theater One Saturday, June 26 AMERICATOWN-TENNESSEE WALTZ

Repeats Wednesday, June 30 6pm

Clayton Brown, 17 min, video, USA, 2010

A man and a woman float through space in a cramped ship filled with old photos, antique cameras, and toy robots. She’s unconscious for months, maybe years — and he’s alone. But something lures them to a nearby planet and starts waking the woman from her dreams. They are reunited, forever — but not in this world… (CB)

Kenneth Price, 77 min, video, USA, 2010

Welcome to Americatown! Land of the free-radicools. Home of the bad-to-the-bone. The perfect all-American small town with exactly 1,000 citizens and recognizable landmarks like Head Mountain right across from the letter sign on the hill, just around the corner from the giant gap in the earth. The town’s tour guides, Roosevelt Microsoft and Plymouth Rayban, are working steadfastly to keep it safe until the fateful day when a new visitor to town and a spilled cup of coffee set off a cycle of events that threatens to forever alter the fabric of this idyllic community. Shot over a 9,000-mile road trip, the filmmaker and his stars (comedy duo the superkiids!) explored the mythology and culture of the United States in all its glory to create the microcosm of Americatown. (Bryan Wendorf)

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