9:15 pm Theater Two Friday, June 25 SCHOOL OF VELOCITY


“A phantasmagoric elegy created by transforming two sources generally dismissed as vapid and disposable that helped in defining the gay subculture of the era: The music of disco singer Sylvester James and producer Patrick Crowley and A NIGHT AT HALSTED’s by queer porn auteur Fred Halsted.” (IL)

THE BURNING BLUE Jesse McLean, 9 min. Video, 2009, USA

“A video that observes the thrill, terror and boredom found in watching mass spectacles and the unexpected loneliness when you miss them. Concerned with how we, as a culture, watch ourselves, especially in moments of great emotional significance, this video speaks of both the power and the failure of the televised experience to bind us to one another.” (JM)

ICELAND SPAR Alexander Stewart, 4 min. Video, 2009, USA “”Iceland spar” is the name for large and clear calcite crystals from Iceland. It is thought that Vikings may have used calcite to polarize light in order to find the location of the winter sun, and navigate across the arctic seas.” (AL)

HOUSE Jesse P Finnegan and James Thacher, 10 min., Video, 2010, USA

“Slippages in sitcom syntax build a house before your eyes that was always there.” – (JPF & JT)

DROMOSPHERE Thorsten Fleisch, 10 min, Video, 2010, Germany

“A meditation on speed. The ephemeral phenomenon becomes palpable as a speed sculpture begins a relativity drive along space-time avenues.” (TF)

SUSPENSION OF BELIEF Wago Kreider, 5 min, Video, 2010, USA “Radical Evasive maneuvers within a virtual reality flight simulator rarely help those who suffer from vertigo. A balanced sense of well-being is unlikely to result from repeated consultation of maps, radar, and similar technological prosthesis. If you suffer from persistent feelings of dislocation, loss of control, dizziness, and a fear of falling, please consult your physician.” (WK)


Jason Livingston, 5 min, Video, 2010, USA

“For a few years now, I’ve collected images from a range of online video sources, and built short structures around a handful of categories: empty city spaces, wild animals, technology industrials. Running parallel to this work was an emerging question for me: will animals be able to re-populate once we’re gone?” (JL)


Roddy Bogawa, 11 min., Video, 2010, USA “MEMYSELFANDI isolates the first moment in various films of depictions of “pure evil” with identification of its time signature in the narrative, and is redeployed into the world as a hall of mirrors, fluttering back and forth between P.O.V. and witness, recognition and horror.” (RB)


Torsten Zenas Burns & Darrin Martin, 17 Min., Video, 2010

“Extending the role playing workshops, first explored in What If? (CUFF 2009), this series of live action vignettes and animations focus on the fictional mating rituals of Orlan within a complicated polyamourous foursome, contextualizing her within a grouping of characters that push the boundaries of the very definition of the word carnal. Re-envisioned operation rituals are performed by her lovers in tandem with intimate physical and virtual dates that develop their deepening relationships.” (TZB & DM)

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