10:30pm Theater One Friday, June 25 MODUS OPERANDI

Repeats Wednesday, June 30 8pm

A no-budget, high-concept homage to ’70s exploitation, Frankie Latina’s entertaining super-8 feature MODUS OPERANDI is an outrageous and raunchy experience you are not likely to forget. When “The Cowboy,” a shadowy agent with his own agenda, double crosses the CIA, two important briefcases go missing. Stanley Cashay (Randy Russell, co-writer of the documentary AMERICAN JOB), a washed-up special agent, is lured out of retirement to track the cases down. As his reward, he’s promised the name of the man who killed his wife. But Cashay will need to stay sober if he’s to beat super agent Dallas Deacon (Mark Borchardt of AMERICAN MOVIE fame) and the delicious but deadly Black Licorice to the contraband cases. Along the way, he encounters a bevy of scantily clad gun-toting beauties and Danny Trejo as the fearsome Director Holiday. When Cashay finally discovers the contents of the cases, he is so shocked that he makes a decision that forever alters world events. (Bryan Wendorf)

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