“Defiantly independent and deliberately scandalous” –Michael Wilmington, Chicago Tribune

“What you get for your money is not just admission to the films but admission to a subculture” –Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

“The hottest and most ambitious festival on the local scene” –John Petrakis, Chicago Tribune

“The biggest and best of the subterranean screen-events” –New York Independent Film Monitor

“If you care at all about the state of culture on the margins, this is probably the most important project in the country reflecting its evolution” –Lumpen Magazine

“This festival continues to have more of an above-ground presence year after year. The festival’s focus, meanwhile remains consistent” -Mark Caro, Chicago Tribune

“The most refreshingly offbeat film event in Chicago” – Adam Langer, The Film Festival Guide

“A cultural mainstay on its home turf” –Ray Pride, Filmmaker Magazine

“Without CUFF my movie would not be coming out in America” –Peter Hall, Director of DELINQUENT

“I’d like to think the work Chris Gore and I did at Film Threat helped inspire the lunatics behind CUFF but now they’re the ones inspiring me…not just a great “underground” festival but a great film festival PERIOD.” –Dave Williams, former editor FILM THREAT

“The pinnacle event of the underground scene” –FilmZone Online

“A highlight on Chicago’s film festival circuit” –Erik Piepenberg, MSNBC-Online

“I love how CUFF can blend so many genres into one festival, from punk to gay, leather to feminist, narrative to experimental, current to classic, scatological to spoof and much, much more” — Sarah Jacobson, Punk Planet

“I had the best time of my life at this festival. Your lives are so much better than all those people who think they’re having a good time in Hollywood” — Penelope Spheeris, Hollywood Filmmaker

“CUFF gave me hope for the future” –George Kuchar, Underground Filmmaker

“There are still a few out there for whom the indie flame burns bright. Right on!” –Peter Howell, Toronto Star

“What can be said about CUFF that hasn’t already been written on every men’s room wall in Chicago? The ultimate late summer party? A film fix for the celluloid junkies? Free food? Take your pick…” – Producer Jim Dwyer (testimonial on friendster.com)

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