The First Thing I Remember
Tamara Meem
Experimental Video 8:05 2005 Australia


Twelve people share their earliest childhood memory, relating stories
that are funny, moving and full of wonderment.

De Godsberg
Fred Pelon
Documentary Video 17:00 2003 The Netherlands

³In 2002, Pelon discovered an 8mm film made in 1937 by a Dutch Nazi on which he recorded time spent with his family and his political friends. The location, Godsberg, which was used at the time for mass meetings by the Dutch Nazis, is now a campsite. Pelon records what was and is so

special about this location then and now.² ­ Rotterdam Film Festival

Untitled No. 1
Masha Godovannaya
Experimental super-8 on Video 4:00 2005 Russia

³While walking along Nevskiy Prospect in St. Petersburg, Russia, I saw a young girl dancing this harsh, passionate and seductive dance.² ­ Masha


The Samantha Smith Project
Irene Lusztig
Documentary Video 50:25 2005 United Kingdom

³A meditation on historical amnesia, nostalgia, and the manufacturing and dismantling of political enemies. Braiding together the story of Samantha Smith¹s historic journey to the Soviet Union in 1983 (as a child diplomat and official guest of her high profile ³pen pal² in the Kremlin, then-Soviet Premier Yuri Andropov) with a parallel personal narrative of travel to Russia fifteen years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, The Samantha Smith Project explores the aftermath of the Cold War and the

contemporary Russian landscape.² ­ Irene Lusztig


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