Ball Saved

Ben Olson
Documentary Video 35:00 2006 World Premiere


Beginning with the repeal of the Pinball Ban in the mid 1970’s until its near demise in 1999, Ball Saved explores the personalities and appeal of a uniquely American pastime. Discover the passion that drives pinball fans, players and collectors to preserve pinball in the face of dwindling

interest, out-dated technology and crushing economics.

Ball Saved features a rare glimpse behind the scenes at Stern Pinball, the last Pinball manufacturer in the world, an interview with Roger Sharpe, world-class player, historian and pinball transcendentalist and brings

you into the world of competitive pinballers via the 2005 PinBrawl.

Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players: Off & On Broadway
Richard Drutman
Documentary Video 43:00 2006 World Premiere


“Visceral performances, day-in-the-life footage, and storied tales of one of indie rock¹s most unique acts (the drummer isn¹t even close to puberty!) converge in this charming film that demonstrates exactly how this family/band works. Their unique set-up- (they screen slides throughout their shows and sing rhyming songs about what¹s on screen)-is provides another step towards fulfilling their goal of fixing what¹s wrong with the entertainment industry: ³We are totally tuned in to what audiences need to experience,² says Jason, ³in terms of bands not communicating with audiences, not breaking down the fourth wall ‹ we need to make up for that in the hour and 15 minutes we get onstage.² Unlike a lot of music films that forget to actually include the music, this doesn¹t shy away from performance footage. It also offers a charming portrait of a family who refuses to compromise, politically or aesthetically, and manage to have a whole

lot of fun in the process.”- Sound Unseen Film Festival



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