Palestine Song
Nida Sinnokrot
Documentary Video 80:00 2006 Midwest Premiere

“In 1923 Ze’ev Jabotinsky, one of the founding fathers of Zionism wrote an essay in which he outlined the means for establishing a state of Israel

in the whole of historic Palestine. That essay was called The Iron Wall.


“In June of 2002 the construction of a 400-mile barrier began in the Occupied West Bank. Though it is referred to as a ‘security fence’ by Israel, its form changes along the route, and near large cities it is a concrete wall twice as high as the Berlin Wall. Construction began in the northwest part of the West Bank. With its large, unspoiled aquifer, this land provides nearly 65% of the fruits and vegetables produced in the region. The wells along the aquifer provide essential water for drinking, agriculture and sanitation. All of this prime land and its water supply

will fall on the Israeli side of the wall.


“Palestine Blues follows the repercussions of the Israeli Security Wall and Settlement expansion in the engulfed/annexed Palestinian farming communities of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Instead of focusing on the Wall as an object, Palestine Blues examines the grassroots resistance movement that has sprung up against it. Palestine Blues is not a ‘traditional’ political reportage but rather an interminable road trip across hard and liquid borders, across a terrain that is being erased as it is being traversed.” –

Nida Sinnokrot




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