Circuit Bending: A Toy Story
Casey Clark
Documentary Video 12:00 2006

Circuit Bending: A Toy Story highlights three unique artists who are participating in an underground musical movement where old toys are rebuilt and re-imagined, turning them into musical instruments. As the video will show, sometimes these artists are just as interesting as the

instruments they’ve created.

High Score
Jeremy Mack
Documentary Video 52:00 2006 Chicago Premiere

“Although technology continues to evolve, a group of die-hard gamers refuses to abandon the classic arcade games of yesteryear. Loosely united by the high score database website, the 80’s live on for these enthusiasts as they compete against each other and history to record the world’s highest scores. Portland gamer Bill Carlton is one of the most brazen, fearlessly taking on some of the toughest records on the books, and isn’t afraid to lose a little sleep in the process. Bill specializes in marathon attempts – tests of endurance in which one game is played nonstop for as long as possible. HIGH SCORE follows Bill as he aims to take down the Atari classic Missile Command and its record that has stood unbroken for over twenty years. To get the eighty million points, he’ll have to play the game on one quarter for over two days straight. There is no pause button. There will be no sleep. There can only be one victor in this classic

story of Man versus Missile Command.” ­ Jeremy Mack




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