Joe Nanashe
Experimental Video 6:03 2006


“What is illusion is rendered physical”­ Joe Nanashe

Hymn of Reckoning
Kent Lambert
Experimental Video 6:30 2006

“There¹s a place for us somewhere a place for us.” ­ Kent Lambert

lot 63, grave c
Sam Green
Documentary Video 9:47 2006

The name of Meredith Hunter, the man killed in front of the stage at Altamont, has been almost totally forgotten. Filmmaker Sam Green (THE WEATHER UNDERGROUND) seeks out what may be the final reminder of

Hunter¹s existence, an unmarked grave.

13 Instances
David Poolman
Experimental Video 15:00 2006 Canada

“Using a series of found video and sound footage, 13 instances investigates teenage rebellion and isolation through the online diaries of teenage

death metal enthusiasts.” ­ David Poolman

The Abominable Freedom
Torsten Z. Burns and Darrin Martin
Experimental Video 41:00 2006

“Originally shot video and appropriated film weaves together a musical celebration of the flesh. An egg from the missing link holds a skeleton key to our educational future. On a parallel world, life coaches made of bone & fur activate televisual coursework including circular zooming studies, spectral-mating, and etheric birthing techniques. Manifest Destiny eludes its colonial past and takes refuge deep in our pagan libidinal nature.”

-Burns and Martin


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