One Dead In Ohio
Robert Greene
Documentary Video 10:00 2006

“Election Day 2004: Democracy lays dead in Ohio as another election is stolen in broad daylight. Based on the Congressional report that

detailed how Ohio became the new Florida in 2004.” – Robert Greene


Pvt. Boro
Alma Boro
Documentary Video 8:50 2006

Pvt. Boro is a personal and urgent conversation between a sister and her younger brother who is in basic training with the US Army. It reveals

a genuine and honest look at our current state of affairs” ­ Alma Boro

Qawliya Dance
Usama Alshaibi
Documentary Video 8:05 2006


“Qawliya means Gypsy and the Qawliya gypsies are a small minority in Iraq. Since the United States occupation of Iraq in 2003, some of the poorest Qawliya areas, known for their red light districts, became easy targets for religious militia groups. Many of their villages have been destroyed or taken over by such militias and has forced the Gypsies to flee north.”

-Usama Alshaibi

Animal Mother
Jasmine Way
Documentary Video 28:20 2005


“Animal Mother² is a documentary that focuses on the lives of a group of 25 year old guys, who grew up and still live in rural, small town America. They have spent much of their lives acting out elaborate scenarios of war and violence as a form of entertainment. When one of them enters the armed service, for real, his life and views on the American military are changed forever. This film explores the strong contrast that results between his actual experience of war and his friends¹ glorified visions of the battlefield and exposes the damaging effect the war in Iraq is having

on returning American soldiers.

Jean Genet In Chicago
Frederic Moffet
Documentary Video 26:00 2006

“A queer rewriting of the events surrounding the 1968 National Democratic Convention in Chicago from the point of view of French writer Jean Genet. Along the way Genet will meet, amongst others, Allen Ginsberg, William S. Burroughs, the Yippies, the Black Panther Party and the Chicago police force… Ultimately, the video is about the difficulty of aligning

political and sexual desires.”­ Video Data Bank




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