We are now accepting submissions for the 15th Chicago Underground Film Festival. Entry Forms and complete guidelines for submission are available now at http://www.cuff.org

The CHICAGO UNDERGROUND FILM FESTIVAL is dedicated to the work of film and video makers with defiantly independent visions. As Roger Ebert said, “What you get for your money is not just admission to the films, but admission to a subculture.”

Radical beyond independent, the “underground” culture supports films that go beyond expectations and genre, to include a menu of films made with passion, obsession, and drive. In addition, CUFF has consistently honored the history of underground and independent cinema by presenting tributes and retrospectives of filmmakers such as Tom Palozzolo, Richard Kern, Kenneth Anger, George Kuchar, John Waters, and Paul Morrissey.

Panels and workshops augment the diverse programming, and every evening of screenings is followed by a great night of parties, events and concerts. Jury awards are presented in the following categories: Narrative Feature, Narrative Short, Documentary Feature, Documentary Short, Experimental, Animation, and “Made in Chicago” – along with an Audience Choice award.

Chicago Underground Film Festival presented by IFP/Chicago


October 29 to November 2 2008 At The Viaduct Theater


UPCOMING DEADLINE June 16, 2007 – Early Deadline

Entry forms available at http://www.cuff.org

ENTRY FEES $35 per entry postmarked by June 16,

$40 per entry received by July 15.

Entry Fees are not required from filmmakers who have screened at CUFF in the past.

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