ORBIT Kerry Laitala

Experimental 16mm 9:00 2006 Midwest Premiere

“Candy-apple light emissions create a series of stimuli that tickle the retinas a playful pulsation of mis-registered images made when a lab accidentally split the film from 16mm to Regular 8. Kodachrome color fields create tremulous vibrations, which hypnotize with their flickering beauty.“ – Kerry Laitala

FADING STAR John Standiford

Animation 16mm 18:00 2006 Chicago Premiere

“This meditative film enchants the myths of westward expansion into a single rail car, a dreamer passenger, a clear sky, and a soundtrack that tracks the sounds that go with our history.” – NYUFF

“The story of Fading Star was pieced together from samples recorded from various LPs… Once a narrative came together from the sounds, I found pictures to go with the story.” – John Standiford

!LAS HISTORIAS MAS SEXY DELl MUNDO! NUMBER 2 (The Sexiest Stories in the World Pt. 2) Eric Cheevers Short 16mm 14:30 2007 Chicago Premiere

“Softcore porn parody, shot to emulate 70’s era ‘Swedish Erotica’/stag films without resorting to digital filmmaking technology. For period verisimilitude, this was filmed in 16mm and edited on film with vintage ‘70s equipment, and dubbed over in Spanish. Featuring Matthew Lesko, Ian Svenonius and The Raveonettes. Part two of an award-winning series.” –Eric Cheevers

Blood of the Earthworm Brittany Gravely Experimental 16mm 32:00 2006 Midwest Premiere

“No one is safe…. and it is never over…”

“The top of the industrial-corporate food chain saps blood from Earth to feed its network of machines. In turn, these machines give birth to machine-like people who are alienated, destructive, dissatisfied, and lifeless. The manic “heroine” of the film is a product of this techno-mediated existence; like a zombie, she is imprisoned within the motions of her routines, she speaks in words not her own. Civilization’s intervention in the natural course of evolution has created a helpless new race. Their day-to-day activity is subsumed by its own resemblance to common horror film settings and events; all are victims and accomplices in the doom that has insidiously enveloped all of existence. Blood of the Earthworm is an intentionally anti-climactic barrage of original footage and extractions from horror, science fiction, and educational films, all of which feature contemporary maladies of civilization (ecological devastation, bio-terrorism, consumerism, government conspiracy, etc) in their story or subtext” .Brittany Gravely

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