Jesse McLean
Experimental Video 2:00 2006


“A camera-less animation project composed entirely of over 5,000 default video transitions and computer generated color mattes. The variety of color fields combined with constant transitioning allows for creative play with abstract forms and produces strobing effects that ultimately lead the

viewer towards anxiety.” ­ Jesse McLean

Sans Simon
Cory Arcangel
Experimental Video 5:00 2005


“Arcangel re-writes musical history with a wave of his hand.” -NYUFF

Mariana Gioti
Experimental Video 2:00 2005 Greece

“A Greek TV-commercial from the 80s of a product-action racquet game- that failed to become a success in the local market, is being manipulated

anew in terms of image and sound.” ­ Mariana Gioti

Songs of Praise For The Heart Beyond Cure
Emily Vey Duke And Cooper Battersby
Experimental Video 16:00 2006 Canada

“We will sing a song of praise for the heart beyond cure. Raise our voices up to serve the bad and the impure.”­ Emily Vey Duke and Cooper


You Made Me Love You
Michelle Naismith
Experimental Video 3:00 2005 UK

“Twenty-one dancers are held by your gaze. Losing contact can be
traumatic.” – LUX

Why Overweight Teenage Girls Often Like Unicorns
Jennifer Matotek
Experimental Video 4:15 2005 Canada


“An abstract and experimental Bildungsroman depicting why overweight
preteen girls with glasses often like unicorns.” ­ Jennifer Matotek

Mary-Kate And Ashley Conquer The Bedbugs
Tim Reardon
Animation super-8 on Video 3:00 2006

“In this post-modern fairy tale New York City is attacked by giant bed
bugs so Jesus sends the Olsen Twins to the rescue.” ­ Tim Reardon

Where¹s My Boyfriend?
Gretchen Hogue
Experimental Video 2:00 2005


“A biological clock explosion of penises and fetuses. This one’s for
the ladies. Can you hear the ticking?” – Madcat Film Festival

Sausage McMuffin With Cheese But No Egg
Kelly Oliver & Keary Rosen
Experimental Video 5:06 2005


“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” – Kelly Oliver

A Small Corona For The Freak Show
Chris Hefner
Experimental Video 9:31 2006


“Novel efforts against marginalization in moving pictures, kinetic
gadgetry, and letter writing.” ­ Chris Hefner

Little Dog Staccato
Jackie Hatfield
Experimental Video 1:00 2004 UK


“A short burst of cinematic energy animated into snippets of time, Little Dog runs across the screen, in and out of the frames, the sound of his

staccato barking the accompanying musical score.” ­ Jackie Hatfield

How She Slept At Night
Lilli Carre
Animation Video 3:18 2006

” A man tries to remember his wife but only comes up with scant details
as his memory starts to stray.” ­ Lilli Carre


Little Spirits
Cecilia Condit
Short Video 8:40 2005


“Two little girls explore beyond Grandmother’s limits, coming face to
face with their own emerging animal natures.” ­ Cecilia Condit

Because Of The War
Jennet Thomas
Experimental Video 13:30 2005 UK

“Things were changing. Very few toys or games were left and music was almost over. Tap water was tasting female and television only came in nasty

spasms…” – Jennet Thomas


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