Bill Basquin
Documentary 16mm 7:00 2005

A portrait of quiet reckoning about family relationships and farming.²
Bill Basquin

Portrait #1 Cascadia Terminal Vanessa Renwick

Experimental 16mm on Video 6:00 2006


A mesmerizing stare with a hypnotic score at the most efficient grain terminal at the port of Vancouver, B.C.. Since shooting this film Cascadia Terminal has become tied up with “homeland security” type port issues,

and it is not possible to go and hang out there anymore. – Vanessa Renwick

Life And Times of Robert F Kennedy Starring Gary Cooper
Aaron Valdez
Experimental Video 8:00 2006

Overlaid newsreel footage of Robert Kennedy and images from the classic Hollywood western High Noon blur the line between truth and fiction.

Music Composed by Travis Weller. -Aaron Valdez

Five County Fair
David Ellsworth
Experimental super-8 on Video 8:05 2005

Each September, residents of Virginia¹s Appomattox, Buckingham, Charlotte, Cumberland, and Prince Edward counties travel to the town of Farmville

to attend a county fair. ­ David Ellsworth

Paranoia (Death Valley)
Miriam Bajtala
Experimental Video 5:00 2005 Austria


A peculiar chase involving the camera and its subject at an abandoned
hamlet in California¹s Death Valley. ­ Michael Palm

High Plains Winter
Cindy Stillwell
Experimental super-8 on Video 10:00 2005

The American/Scandinavian sport ski joring, which involves horse & rider + skier, becomes the centerpiece of this visual study of winter on the high plains. Alongside the sport imagery are majestic, if not harsh, winter landscapes, and signs of domestic life: horses, dogs and people. These are woven in such a way that one begins to ponder the nature of human life

in such an environment­ its mythologies and realities. ­ Cindy Stillwell


Devils Canyon
Kelly Sears
Animation Video 6:00 2006

A fable of a rejected cowboy grows out of a landscape destined for tragedy that is compiled from discarded magazines and encyclopedia from thrift

stores and garage sales. ­ Kelly Sears

Arash T Riahi
Experimental Video 6:00 2005 Austria


Nature is not what differentiates between chaos and structure, the observer does through his or her choice of point of view and representational technique. What in the beginning of Mississippi appears to be a lavishly choreographed dialog between natural chaos and abstract structure is revealed at some point as an autonomous concert of forms. – Robert


Magnolia Electric Co.
Todd Chandler
Documentary Video 21:30 2005

One week on the Canadian Great Plains with the band Magnolia Electric Co. the sprawling landscape of the prairies and the band’s haunting music tell a story of the mundane and the beautiful, of rest stops and hotel rooms

and the in-between moments. Not a concert film. ­ Todd Chandler


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