Feature Video 80:00 2007 Chicago Premiere

CUFF alumni Todd Verow (The Once And Future Queen, Little Shots Of Happiness and many more) returns with a mesmerizing experimental narrative that was shot entirely with a Nokia cell phone all over the world. HOOKS TO THE LEFT is based on the journal of a male hustler named “Nail,” who re-enters the world of male prostitution after being in a relationship for ten years. The film examines how the world of prostitution has changed since the advent of the internet. The resulting pixilated visuals, filled with male bodies, abstract interiors, and street scenes, serve as a fitting dreamlike landscape for the narrated journal entries Nail’s adventures in Internet-driven hustling.

“…one of the most interesting cinematic experiments of the year: Director Todd Verow filmed an auto-biographic travel diary with the camera of a Nokia cell phone… The result is a mysterious, deeply personal and fascinating masterwork of no-budget film – and proof that creating film art has nothing to do with money…” – Goon Magazine, Germany

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