GO GO MOTEL Dan Bell Feature Video 73:00 2007 World Premiere

It all begins in a fifth-rate go-go bar called Boots Saloon. Go-Go Motel is a surreal journey into the dark, foreboding world of strippers, hookers, bums, boozers, and skid-row criminals. The walls of Boots hold many secrets, and the cantankerous bartender Douglas is there to hide them as best he can. Go-Go Motel takes you deeper and deeper into this world. First stop… The Eastwood Inn Motel, which serves as the formidable heart of the story. As rundown and horrific as any home away from home could be, this house of ill=repute shelters many anguished souls, including some of Boots’ low-class performers. The hard life forces them there. It is a prison for the amoral and immoral of society. See these loose broads destroy themselves in a world of easy money, anonymous sex, and gruesome neglect. Watch as their souls slowly pine away in some of the most outrageous and unbelievable scenes ever put on film. Check into Go-Go Motel.

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