INTERPLAY Robert Todd Experimental 16mm 6:30 2006 “A film made in summer: A play in 3 acts, a dance in 3 forms, 3 versions of paradise.” – Robert Todd

930 Alexandre Larose Experimental 16mm 10:00 2006

Chicago Premiere

Passages from darkness to light (and vice-versa) are intercut with moments of hesitation in this attempt to overcome fear and to transform its emotional residues into positive energy. The visual language of the film reflects the intensity of the creative process.


Documentary 16mm 18:00 2006

A”n experimental, philosophical documentary exploring the denazification proceedings of renowned but infamous German philosopher Martin Heidegger (1889-1976). Shot entirely in or near the Black Forest in Germany where Heidegger lived and worked, The Denazification of MH portrays and interprets Heidegger’s refusal to honestly confront and his reluctance to publicly apologize for his active role in the Nazi party. By utilizing 50-year-old recordings of Heidegger and a single quote from the Greek Pre-Socratic philosopher Heraclitus, Heidegger’s own philosophical interpretations of his Nazi involvement and his belief in the power of interpretation (hermeneutics), the Western philosophical tradition, and words are revealed.” – James T. Hong

THE MAGICIAN’S HOUSE Deborah Stratman Experimental 16mm 5:45 2007 Chicago Premiere

“Sometimes the supernatural lingers plainly in the most ordinary places, secret only in as much as its trace goes unnoticed. Both a letter to an alchemist-filmmaker friend, and a quiet tribute to the vanishing art of celluloid, The Magician’s House is full of ghosts. Including that of Athanasius Kircher, inventor of the first Magic Lantern.” –Deborah Stratman


Experimental 16mm 7:00 2006

Using archival footage, newsprint images, text and an innovative use of audio, award-winning filmmaker Deco Dawson has fashioned a sensitive yet harrowing collage account of the 1947 Black Dahlia murder. Created exclusively using crude digital technology, the film presents a human side to the murder, focusing on the victim Elizabeth Short and not the often-sensationalized aspects of the murder and unknown murderer.

“A woman performs oral sex on food.” – T. Arthur Cottam

MAGNAVOZ Jesse Lerner Experimental 16mm 26:00 2006

“An adaptation of Xavier Icaza’s speculative rant on the future of Mexico. Bringing together noisy broadcasts from atop the volcanoes, raucous bacchanalia at popular watering holes and a series of apocalyptic, hyper-nationalistic pronouncements, the meditation is timely and prescient, though it was written more than eighty years ago. The film adaptation of this vanguard text uses archival images, reconstructions and a complex mix of audio elements to bring this political essay to life. The text on which this film is based is a product of the Estridentista movement, a short-lived vanguard movement active in Mexico in the 1920s, similar to and influenced by the more familiar Dadaists and Italian Futurists. They favored the rejection of tradition, of naturalism, realism and romanticism in favor of estrangement and fragmentation; but they were based, ironically, in the pre-industrial towns of Xalapa (in the state of Veracruz) and Puebla in Mexico, far from the smokestacks and foundries of Europe’s urban centers that inspired Marinetti.” – Jesse Lerner.

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