ON DEAF EARS Josiah Bultema Documentary Video 14:00 2007

Chicago Premiere

“A behind-the-scenes look at the structure and method of a pair of open-air street evangelists on the Third Street Promenade, in Santa Monica, California. The documentary seeks to provide an objective look at a single night of evangelism, profiling the effect on its participants and observers, Christian and non-Christian alike.” – Josiah Bultema


Documentary Video 52:00 2006 World Premiere

Nearly six years have passed since the tragedy of 9/11 and an uneasy sense of “normalcy” has returned on our lives, but on that momentous morning, photographer and filmmaker Richard Sandler picked up his camera and watched and documented what unfolded. Everyone Is Hurting is a firsthand look at the anguished soul searching and muscular debate that raged in the park in Union Square during the first hours and days after the attacks, recalling the multiple shocks of that fateful day, as well as the progressive open-air democracy it spawned.

Richard Sandler is a documentary film and video-maker, and a street photographer. His videos include, The Gods of Times Square, 1999 (Best Documentary CUFF ’99), Brave New York (CUFF, 2004) and SWAY (2006). He is finishing a film, AKA Martha’s Vineyard, about the history of the lovely isle as told by the elders of the Wampanoag tribe, the island’s indigenous people. Sandler was awarded a 2006 Guggenheim Foundation fellowship for Filmmaking. His street photographs have been widely exhibited and are in the collections of the Brooklyn Museum, Houston Museum of Art and the New York Public Library.

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