THE SKY SONG James Fotopoulos Experimental Video 127:00 2007 Chicago Premiere

“When I started The Sky Song it had something to do with revenge (particularly in action films), American Indian tribes, goblin sharks and fragments of memories I had of the day the Chicago Cub lost the playoffs in 1984.” – J. Fotopoulos

“Wow. Fotopoulos is by this point an underground legend based mostly on earlier 16mm work like Migrating Forms and Back Against the Wall, and the mere mention of his name in certain circles generates controversy. I’ve only seen roughly three or four films out of his insanely prolific body of work, so I’m not sure if I’m qualified to pass significant or even knowledgeable judgment, but I do know The Sky Song, like other Fotopoulos films and videos, is something I won’t soon forget. In short, it makes INLAND EMPIRE look like APOLLO 13…. image-manipulated actors performing wooden script readings of a disturbed Western punctuated by psychosexual bloodlettings, primitive 3-D computer graphics of naked bodies and childlike drawings, and a series of flashed icons ranging from barnyard animals to an array of fruit. The word “nightmare” could describe The Sky Song, but not easily: it’s an indescribable experience, though mine was sadly truncated. If you somehow get the chance to see The Sky Song, please outdo me.” – Robbie Freeling, Reverse Shot Blog

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