THE HESHER Scott Cummings Short Video 4:39 2006 Chicago Premiere

Hesher’s Alone, Hesher’s Always Alone.


Experimental Video 6:30 2007 Midwest Premiere

“A systematic guide of internet pornography. Poetry in perversion.” –Joe NanasheNEW YORK STORY Nicolas Jenkins

Documentary Video 7:00 Chicago Premiere

“We will need to give up any ideas ov thee body being sacrosanct if we wish to explore space. Genetic mutation and engineering will be essential for meaningful space travel. Whilst our Pandrogeny process began as an intimate private thing, inevitably I.T. became visibly to a public because we are performers and artists as well. We feel that we are duty bound to TRY and share some ov our thoughts on why we do these procedures with you who visit, as a politeness and sign ov respect from us to you. This is not a necessity, butter an offering we make in a more intimate space where we hope friends and allies dwell.” – Genesis P-Orridge (from, April 2005)


Music Video 4:04 2007

Lightning Bolt + toon shack = destruction


Experimental Video 2006 4:30 World Premiere

This presentation of a moment on the corner of Wilson and Broadway, on Chicago’s north side, has much to do with memory; the type of memory that comes from a single moment, maybe a few seconds, but last with us for much longer as in an expansion of that point in time. Standing there, things flatten out and lose meaning, becoming one big artwork of form, color, and sound; the moment is transformed.

HASHA ROYKO Miranda July

Experimental Video 4:00 2003

“Combines a sense of cheerful expediency (simply outlining what’s already there) with a sort of daffy mysticism (pointing out what clearly isn’t there) to create a system we can hardly decipher but instructively understand.” – Emily Hall, Artforum

Animation by Jalal Jemison

ALLA TE ALCANZO (I’LL SEE YOU THERE) Luis Sanchez Ramirez Short Video 6:00 2007

An economic and linear narrative that tells the story of a group of people journeying across the border. As the characters travel, a series of chaotic events force them to question their sense of truth and reality, plunging each into a sort of subconscious reality. These events are contrasted with seductive desert landscapes, and a hypnotic soundtrack creating a meditation on segregation and oppression.

THE DRIFT Kelly Sears

Animation Video 8:20 2007 Chicago Premiere

“A mysterious disappearance on a space journey gone awry launches the counter-cultural revolution at the end of the 1960s. Obsessively collected images found in thrift stores and flea markets are animated to create an alternate American aeronautical and cultural history. Through the gaps in these isolated moments of time, The Drift collages together a history of expansion and the desire to push too far, too fast.” – Kelly Sears


Experimental Video 4:00 2006

“A short meditation on the possibility of spiritual existence and the paranormal in our information age. ‘Time isn’t a thing, it’s an idea. It will die out in the mind.’ – ‘The Possessed,” Fyodor Dostoyevsky.” – Deborah Stratman

ENERGIE! Thorsten Fleisch

Experimental Video 5:03 2007 (Germany)

“From a mere technical point of view the TV/video screen comes alive by a controlled beam of electrons in the cathode ray tube; for Energie!, an uncontrolled high voltage discharge of 30.000 volts exposes multiple sheets of photographic paper which are then arranged in time to create new visual systems of electron organization.” – Thorsten Fleisch

BYE BYE ONE NotTheSameColor

Experimental Video 4:56 2006 (Austria)

“I have always been fascinated by figures and structures that are printed on the back of your eyes by light,” said artist Billy Roisz [(one half of NotTheSameColor, with Dieb13)], “and these images can be seen only when the eyes are shut. Their arrangement doesn’t follow a given logic, and they have no narrative dramatic structure. They come into being as if on their own… I’m rapidly moving away from putting pictures to music, and instead exploring the spaces separating sound and image from the recipients.” – Christian Scheib


Experimental Video 15:47 2007 World Premiere

An existential meditation on the career and persona of John Travolta. By focusing on his film highlights, a meta-narrative is created in which the scenes of his deaths and miraculous uninjured returns to life parallel the cycle of death and resurrection present in his hit-and-miss career.

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