EAST 3 Mr. Young Documentary Video 79:52 2007 (United Kingdom)

Chicago Premiere

East 3 explores the Arctic town of Inuvik. This disturbing and bizarre film investigates life in subzero temperatures of the Canadian wilderness, focusing on the hunting/trapping lifestyle, the community greenhouse, dog cruelty, traditional games and music. In this often disturbing film, we are taken on a surreal ride through this remote community. The town consists of Inuvialuit (Eskimo), Gwich’in (Indian) and white Canadians. The town suffers, like other communities in the Arctic, from high suicide rates, high levels of alcohol and drug abuse and high levels of child abuse. In the winter, temperatures can fall as low as –55 degrees Celsius.

East 3 has four main strands: Norm Anikina – Norm is an Inuit who lives a traditional hunting and trapping lifestyle. As this practice becomes less fashionable and less profitable, Norm’s lifestyle may be in jeopardy and he decides to sell and move south. Inuvik Community Greenhouse – Inuvik Community Greenhouse aims to get the local community to grow their own food, despite the sub-zero temperatures. Beaufort Delta SPCA – Linda Eccles set up the local SPCA in Inuvik after seeing horrendous dog cruelty in the region. Her task to rescue dogs is in conflict with the town’s official policy of shooting dogs. Traditional Pastimes – The Northern Games consists of sports such as caribou head-skinning muskrat skinning and spectacular high-kicking games. Meanwhile, the beats, songs and movement of native drum dancing tell tales of tradition and life in the north.

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