DISARM Jack Hammond

Short Video 9:00 2007 World Premiere

A car-jacker learns a gun is no match for a Jetta going 80mph down the highway in this fast-paced urban noir featuring insane stunts (including a backwards trip through a toll booth) performed in actual traffic.


Feature Video 75:00 2007 Chicago Premiere

“It’s the retarded good-time movie of the year.” – Ain’t It Cool News

A kindergarten teacher invents a car that runs on human blood to combat high gas prices in BLOOD CAR, a horror/comedy from first time director Alex Orr. Both a satire on our voracious habit for oil, as well as a cleverly structured horror film, this film will make you cringe and laugh at the same time.

In the near future, gas is an astronomical $40.00 a gallon, and Archie Andrews (Mike Brune) has definitely had enough. Archie, a nerdy schoolteacher and vegan with a thing for wheatgrass, is determined to find an alternative energy source for his car. While experimenting, Archie cuts himself, and discovers that all his car needs is blood. Human blood.

The only one in town who can afford to drive, Archie attracts the attention of sex-crazed Denise. As Archie fulfills Denise’s need for transportation, he satisfies his ever-expanding libido. Meanwhile, the sweet Wheatgrass Girl (Anna ‘My Girl’ Chlumsky), who loves Archie for who he truly is, watches helplessly as Archie is devoured by lust. In order for Archie to continue to attract Denise with his car, he must continue to find a never-ending supply of blood. And unbeknownst to Archie, he is observed by government agents anxious to learn the secret of how his special engine works—agents who will make Archie face the ultimate decision.

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