EACH TIME I KILL Doris Wishman Feature Video 83:00 2006

Chicago Premiere

“A shocking story revealing the brutality of innocence!” – Original tagline, from Senses of Cinema

The final film by cult film legend Doris Wishman, 95% of EACH TIME I KILL was completed just before her death in 2002 at the age of 90. During her illness, she wrote extensive notes on how she wanted the project completed. Keyed by a bravura lead performance from Tiffany Paralta, EACH TIME I KILL is a fitting conclusion to Doris Wishman’s one-of-a-kind, ferociously independent career in film.

A grindhouse fixture of the ’60s and ’70s, underground auteur Doris Wishman was the exception to the rule of a genre dominated by men. With her signature style of dubbed dialogue (often out of sync) and curiously distracted camera work, her films were often compared to those of Ed Wood and Russ Meyer, though her best works defy categorization altogether.

Awkward, hatchet-faced teenager Ellie Saunders finds a cheap gold amulet with handy spell-casting instructions on her way home from school one day. Wearing the necklace allows her to exchange one trait at a time with someone else… once she’s murdered her. As the body count quickly rises, her appearance is transformed from dowdy to delectable with the attractive features she plunders from her victims. Cult filmmaker John Waters and rock musician Fred Schneider (of The B-52’s) are among the queers who appear in a film the Village Voice affectionately describes as “beyond cheap,” and you will surely agree that it’s worth the price of admission!

“Each Time I Kill is the final – and most shocking – film from exploitation legend Doris Wishman. The supernatural slashfest tells the story of shy high school senior Ellie Saunders, who finds a magic locket that will allow her to trade one physical feature with anyone she murders. But Ellie’s transformation leads to several unintended consequences including a final twist that’s classic Wishman.” – David Wilson, producer

“With Each Time I Kill, Wishman proves for the final time that she is the true master of no-budget. Although there will never be another Doris Wishman, her tremendous achievements will live on to thrill and amuse fans for generations to come.” – Michael Bowen, Wishman biographer

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