TABLE, BED, CHAIR Robert Hack Documentary Video

30:41 2007 US Premiere

Due to an enormous lack of living space in the Netherlands the practice of occupying empty houses has been tolerated since the late 1960s. The squatters want to use empty spaces and create a utopian society outside established norms, but within Amsterdam. Meanwhile the city is tightening laws and gentrifying squats away, forcing questions to be raised of how former ideals are lived now and how an autonomous countercultural movement acts in times of political extremisms and globalization.

DESCRIPTION OF BANKRUPTCY Kang-hyun Lee Documentary Video 61:00 2006

International Premiere

A documentary on the all-consuming nature of credit card debt in South Korea, and the lengths to which people go trying to get rid of it.

“You hear so many horrible accidents and crimes from TV and newspapers. But they don’t surprise you any more. You may think they are just a part of your daily life. Since around 2000 in Korea, there have been tons of strange murders. There are no killers and no suspects, but people are murdered every day. Some call them, ‘social murders’. However, these everyday terrible crimes do not shock anybody. They are just filling a small corner of a newspaper. No alarms and no surprises. No efforts to stop them. What has thrown you into such a dead apathy?” – Kang-hyun LEE