REVOLUTION SUMMER Miles Montalbano Narrative Video 80:00 2007 Chicago Premiere “The most open-hearted and open-minded political portrait to come down the pike in ages. A sexy, dangerous drama that dances on the razor’s edge between anomie and violence”. – Michael Fox, San Francisco International Film Festival

“Engrossing and alert to the passing moment and the nuances of human behavior. Its real subject is the psychological dislocation of contemporary life, and there it excels.” —Gregg Rickman, SF Weekly

A trio of responses to the current repressive climate: three young people adrift in the city, their search for meaning, and the paths they choose over the events of one summer. Hope is a young woman living alone in the city, looking for friends and lovers, and finding two very different people with very similar names. There is Frankie, a pseudo-revolutionary full of idealism and anger, and Francine, whose disillusionment drives her toward hedonistic excess. Both think that they have found a sort of freedom, but are unaware of how their dogmatic choices limit them. Hope, in contrast, holds on to her belief of bringing love and affection to despair, even as she is deceived or abandoned. The film explores the conflicts and contradictions surrounding the possibility, and the impossibility, of love in an alienating world.

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