BIT FREAKS @ The Eye and Ear Clinic!

I LOVE PRESETS, OFF/ON and Latent Light Excavations FRIDAY MAY 4 @ 4:30 PM The Eye and Ear Clinic Film, Video & New Media Dept The School of the Art Institute of Chicago Room 1307 in the MacLean Building 112 S. Michigan Ave CHI IL .US


The Eye & Ear Clinic presents a live realtime audio video performance by I LOVE PRESETS (Rob Ray, jon.satrom and Jason Soliday) with screenings of Scott Bartlett’s ground-breaking 1968 video-film OFF/ON and Lynn Marie Kirby’s recent digital film project Latent Light Excavations!

Tonight’s show is an instance of [FRAY], a distributed series of screenings, discussions, student initiated projects and a conference. [FRAY] traces intersecting hyperthreads of time, screen and code-based experimental New Media art hosted by the School of the Art Institute of Chicago’s Department of Film, Video, and New Media.

The Eye & Ear Clinic:

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