Permanent Residents Isabell Spengler

Experimental 16mm 9:32 2005 Germany/USA


“The film Permanent Residents combines extreme costume design with a documentary staging of everyday events in the contemporary urban space

of Los Angeles. – Isabell Spengler

Troy Daniel Hayward

Documentary Video 9:00 2005 Australia


Troy Davies is an artist who has Lead an incredibly interesting and difficult life, he¹s been a drug addict, lived as a woman, is HIV positive and worked extensively with people such as U2, INXS and director Richard Lowenstein. He is currently working on an exhibition of paintings, photos, performance and video installations that opens in Sydney 2006, with themes that revolve around sex, death, religion and relationships.

Untitled (Silver) Takeshi Murata

Experimental Video 10:00 2006

“Takeshi Murata deconstructs movie excerpts pixel by pixel to create astonishing visual journeys that seem at once organic and digital. Untitled (Silver) moves between figuration and abstraction, leaving the viewer in a kind of netherworld where meanings are never settled.” ­ Electronic

Arts Intermix

Dumb Angel Deco Dawson

Experimental 16mm on Video 9:00 2006 Canada

Inspired by fragments of Gus Van Sant;s Last Days, Dumb Angel features 17 year old preternaturally talented rock drummer Anders Erickson, the

undisputed incarnation of The who;s Keith Moon. Deco Dawson

Introduction To Brazilian Gems Burton Bush

Experimental Video 6:00 2005

A montage of appropriated images and sound is at once foreboding and
campy in this ‘gem’ of a video.

Pretty Things: Flashback To 1992 Michael Lucid

Short Video 12:00 2005

Erica and Tamara, on the cutting-edge of 90s hipsterism, experience
their first rave.

LSD Is A Girl¹s Best Friend Julie Fabulous

Experimental Video 4:30 2006


“Is it a psychedelic, she-male blow job fantasy? Or a meditation on the dangers of mixing sex and hallucinogenic drugs? Like the drug LSD you

must experience this video to understand it.” ­ Julie Fabulous

Dirtyglitter 1: Damien Aron Kantor

Short Video 14:00 2005

A precariously intoxicated hustler finds photographs of himself in a gallery and sets out on a cross-town mission to find the mysterious artist. Damien’s world of alleys, parties, and galleries is painted in a sarcastic light

by a hyperdriven green screen.


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