The Wild Condition
Rolf Belgum
Feature Video 72:00 2006 World Premiere

The Wild Condition follows the story of Merrilyn, an untamed and openly misanthropic eighty-one year old woman with the domestication of a wolf. After Merrilyn is once again kicked out of her nursing home and found wandering miles from home, her frustrated middle-aged son, Chris, wrestles with how to handle this uncontrollable situation. Through Chris’s dog he gains access to the “wild” his mother seems determined to return to. With two feet in the forest and two in the living room, the dog balances their lives in an unexpected and authentic relationship. The Wild Condition seamlessly melds improvised drama, documentary and nature film elements into an unusual tapestry of hallucination and familiarity. It has been described as A Woman Under the Influence meets Amores Peros through the lens of

National Geographic.


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