Specialized Technicians Required: Being Luis Porcar
Manuel Saiz
Experimental Video 1:30 2005 Spain

Luis Porcar, a well-known Spanish dubbing actor helps bridge the gap
between the art world and cinema.

Anne Haydock
Experimental Video 6:19 2006


Five aesthetically varied segments draw on direct animation, hand manipulation, found and foleyed sound design, and choreography for the projector to create a sometimes lyric, sometimes jarring, and always rhythmic meditation on what it can mean to eat and be eaten.² ­ Anne


Miriam Heller-Sahlgren
Animation Video 2:45 2006 Sweden

A whimsical silent animation concerning pigs.

El Michoacan: La Muerte
Ben Russell & Sabine Gruffat
Experimental Video 8:00 2006


Shot in Mexico, this exquisite corpse video holds a mirror up to the
unseen, hallucinates and reflects it back into the everyday forever.

Oliver Kunkel
Experimental Video 4:00 2006 Germany

A video about power and moreover about the mis-use of it. ­ Oliver

Invertisement #1
Experimental Video 41 seconds 2006

Decisiveness is the key to success.

Paul and the Badger Episode #1
Paul Tarrago
Short Video 11:00 2006 UK

The sight of a model skeleton unearths a memory in a Badger that he has repressed all these years. It prompts him to demand some pretty delicate answers to some pretty tricky questions about life and death from his

good friend Paul.



20 Heartbreakers #5 Heart In My Hand
Phillip Newcombe
Experimental 16mm on Video 3:00 2006 UK

I’m Leaving it all up to you ­ Dale & Grace

Random Sampling #3
Paul Lloyd Sargent
Experimental Video 20:00 2006


For years I have been walking around the Humboldt Park neighborhood of Chicago collecting discarded audiocassette tape. I have close to 600 bags of the stuff and, after realizing that I could now ³listen to² the neighborhood as it changes over time, I began to take a video camera with me on my walks. I wanted to capture inconspicuous moments within the park that would otherwise be forgotten and pair them with the hundreds of short samples I’d compiled. The result is an on-going document of my

first-person relationship with this park and the surrounding neighborhood.

Last Supper
Johannes Hammel
Experimental Video 9:00 2005 Austria


Before long, the unknown families’ outings and coffee klatches, documented in the original home movies for themselves and their children, will no longer be recognizable. In the same way as the memories of these

events, the films fade. – Aki Beckmann, Six Pack Films

James Fotopoulos
Experimental Video 5:00 2006


Me and James Fotopoulos were eating lunch a year ago and he didn¹t have any cash on him. So I made him a deal: I¹ll buy the lunch and trade me a short film for the same cost. We made up rules on a napkin. Help a filmmaker

near you. -Mike Plante, Cinemad publisher

Michoacan: El Traidor
Ben Russell & Sabine Gruffat
Experimental Video 8:00 2006

Shot in Mexico, this exquisite corpse video holds a mirror up to the
everyday, hallucinates and reflects it back into the unseen forever.


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