Jethro Senger
Documentary Video 80:00 2006 World Premiere

“Headspace is a world of color and experience stemming from years of dance music evolution. This documentary allows us to look inside ourselves and learn about electronic music and the freedoms it provides. With stories of people in different cities and interviews with famous DJ’s, Headspace takes us around the globe and immerses us in the parties and the minds of

those encapsulated by electronic music.

Appearances by famous DJ’s as well as forays into the underground bring a well rounded explanation of how dance music grew to become a giant

musical inspiration for millions of listeners.

A cross pollination of fiction and documentary, Headspace has the youth spirit of party culture captured forever. Filmed in many countries including Germany, Japan, England, the Netherlands, France, Hungary as well as cities in the USA, Headspace takes the viewer along for a ride that is

sometimes political, sometimes insane and always entertaining.

With a soundtrack composed of some of the best producers in the dance music and a ground breaking visual style, Headspace delivers the goods.” ­

Jethro Senger




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