Good Times Vol 1
Ken Hegan
Short Video 3:00 2006 Canada

Oh dear, have the terrorists won? A romantic marriage proposal goes
horribly awry in this savage spoof of engagement ring commercials.

Tales of Mere Existence
Lev Yilmaz
Animation Video 7:00 2005

³A collection of kinky/quirky animations about social confusion, sex, and alienation. This is the comedy of demented self-obsessionŠ the stuff

people think about but never talk about.²

Fear Is A Lot Like Love
Jim Strzelinski
Short Video 6:00 2006

³A sunbathing anarchist pursues his love for a mysterious cult leader,
even though it may cost him his life.² – Jim Strzelinski

Les Femmes Du Monde
Jeremy Bailey
Experimental Video 4:00 2006 Canada

Jeremy Bailey introduces a new video art project celebrating the women
of the world

Mail Order
Zoe Mcintosh
Documentary Video 10:00 2005 New Zealand

A candid look at mail order brides and the men who purchase them.

Yoshua Okon
Short Video 45:00 2000 Mexico

³Rinoplastia (Rhinoplasty) is a narrative video, depicting a group of wealthy Mexico City male youths who are bored, sniff coke and release their frustration by harassing working-class people. The video features non-actors who play themselves and use a high degree of improvisation since there

is no “iron script”.² – Yoshua Okon




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