Lori Felker
Experimental 16mm on Video 11:00 2005

³A celebration of audience participation. A simple structure guides you through the multiple levels upon which the viewer, the film and the filmmaker meet and ³interact². Created from found footage, television audio, vintage records, original digital stills, 16 mm and Super-8 footage, 101 stimulates the viewer with its humorous, tense, intriguing and

often confusing commands and games.² ­ Lori Felker

Collective Simulated Synaesthesia
Stephanie Rothenberg
Documentary Video 7:00 2005

³Are you vibrating at an A sharp or a D flat? Learn how to sing your own tune through a new procedure that uses the body’s own frequencies to

recalibrate its internal rhythm.² ­ Stephanie Rothenberg

Experimental Video 5:43 2005 Austria

³Clouds gather and rain begins to fall. Soundtrack and image merge in
an Œaudiovision² – Michel Chion, Six Pack Films

Our Fallen Spacemen
Jim Vendiola
Documentary Video 7:00 2006


A profile of El-train poster artist ARD, who applies his ad copy
training to guerilla memorials to those who died on NASA space missions.

WS. 2
Seoungho Cho
Experimental Video 8:55 2004 North Korea

An investigation of the moving image, its manipulation through video processing, and the ways in which these technologies can be made to represent the natural world. With his precise camera movements and hypnotic post-production techniques Cho questions the relationship of the viewer

to what he perceives.

For Laika
Bryan Boyce
Experimental Video 1:00 2006

The first animal in space, dreams of her future adventures (most of the

Passengers III

Caitlin Hulscher Experimental Video 5:26 2005 The Netherlands ³More powerful than the universe are the details of which it consists. We see an undefined space, reminiscent of the cosmos. In this universe the origins of life can be found. The voice-over leads us to an ‘out-of-body experience’, which enables us to zoom out from micro to macro level and

back.²- Caitlin Hulscher

The Chiasm
Dana Anderson
Experimental 16mm on Video 8:25 2006

³A 3D film composed of hand painted images and constructed as a piece
of visual music.² ­ Dana Anderson

The Carnivorous Syndrome in 3D

Mike Wilder Documentary Video 22:00 2006 The Carnivorous Syndrome in 3D explores the astounding lives of the carnivorous plants, in mind-bending 3D. Travel to the Venezuelan tepuis, African Savannahs, and the rainforests of Borneo, while learning about the mysterious plants that live there. Discover the beauty and complexity

of these fascinating creatures.

Featuring unprecedented close up 3D time lapse video shot by jasper, a
robot made of Lego ® bricks.




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