Roger Beebe Experimental 16mm 5:00 2006

A disused gas station offers a curious imperative to passersby: “SAVE.” A riddle posed in the form of architecture: what is there to save? One more installment in the history of Americans pointing their cameras at gas stations; an attempt to figure out something about where we’ve been,


where we’re headed, and what’s been left behind.­ Roger Beebe

Robert Todd
Experimental 16mm 15:00 2005


A short film reflecting on the act of landscape as portraiture. This is the second in a series of representations of urban nature under siege. ­

Robert Todd

Lay Down Tracks
Danielle Lombardi and Brigid McCaffrey
Documentary 16mm 60:00 2006 Chicago Premiere

Lay Down Tracks is a film in which we get to know five American nomads, a diverse group of people who make a living on the road, having no traditional place to call home. Danielle and Brigid had to go on the road themselves to film their subjects, and structured the film as a journey. The subtlety, personality and depth they reached with their subjects, interweaving the details of their lives, convictions and yearnings, made for a strong

portrait of workers on edges of contemporary America.


The sensitively, beautifully composed film is quite an achievement for two young filmmakers. They worked seriously to bring out the best of material they gathered with a single wind-up Bolex camera and a bare-bones cassette-recorder. They focused on respecting and responding to their subjects experiences and points of view and the result is honest and

personal. ­ Jennifer Reeves


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