Lee Lynch
Feature Video 72:00 2005 World Premiere

Moving from Redding to Los Angeles, Roger and Lee Anne hope to make a better life. Roger wants to work for the forest service and Lee Anne dreams of becoming a chef. When their baby is born with a rare heart defect they are forced to give up those dreams and make decisions that will give them insurance, and stability. The backdrop of the story is set against a modern California, one of contaminated soil, fields of oilrigs, and the Winchester mystery house. A landscape out of balance begins to emerge along with the characters insecurity and personal fears involving love, spirituality, and freedom. These themes are presented with a combination of a new-neo-realist aesthetic, and fantastical dream sequences. Slowly the characters begin to wonder if the American dream can still be found in this postindustrial

land that is now California.

³My first feature, “Transposition of the Great Vessels” is based on the story of my own parents. It is nostalgic for the American dream, and an American landscape that no longer truly exists. I set this story against the California I know. This is about finding peace within that landscape.²

­ Lee Lynch

³Lee Lynch has made an extremely sensitive film about family and life.
He is truly an amazing person with an amazing heart.² -James Benning




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