A Lover¹s Discourse
Tim Kinsella
Short Video 5:00 2006


“A Lovers’ Discourse is about the unique, intimate language a couple develops over time and what happens once their relationship has fizzled until this common language is all they have left. It’s also about what happens when two people end up together that are both so boring that

even their own language isn’t their own.” – Tim Kinsella

The Underminer
Todd Downing
Short Video 5:55 2005

“The quintessential New York ‘underminer,’ a master of passive aggression, throws his victim into a spiral of self-doubt and hopelessness every

time he sees him.” – Todd Downing

The System Wurks
Aaron Sutherland
Short Video 13:05 2005

“It¹s November, 2004, and Lisa has a worrisome problem. Her boyfriend, Joe, is in a funk. Brought down by unemployment and a staggering election, all he can do is sit, watching endless scenes of torture on TV. It’s affecting their love life and testing Lisa¹s patience. Then Joe¹s old grade school bully tries to sell him heroin in the park, and Joe ends up making a

worrisome problem of his own.” ­ Aaron Sutherland

Safety First
Scott Calonico
Short Video 4:00 2005

“Tom and Patty are trying to get to work. They’ll go when it’s safe.” ­
Scott Calonico

A Painful Glimpse Into My Writing Process (In Less Than 60 Seconds)
Chel White
Animation 35mm 1:30 2005


“A stream-of-conscious look at the writing process, told with animated
images straight from the subconscious…or somewhere.” ­ Chel White

Momma’s Boy
John Bryant
Short 35mm 16:05 2006


Jason is reluctant to bring his fiancé¹ home for Thanksgiving dinner.
Little wonder, as his brother Todd has a habit of stealing his girlfriends.

Okhotnik (The Hunter)
Hiroshi Hirano
Short 35mm 28:10 2004 Russia

A lone female hunter’s life is abruptly altered when she accidentally acquires a dildo. Thus begins her journey towards love and fulfillment.

– Hiroshi Hirano


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