Kevin Henry
Documentary Video 72:00 2006 Midwest Premiere

In 1926, 16-year old Robert Henry hopped his first train, bound from Oklahoma to California. What started as curiosity soon became economic necessity, as Rob joined the thousands of young men and women roaming the American West in desperate search for opportunity. For the rest of his life he kept those experiences to himself, and it was only on the eve of his death, in 1992, that he first related them to his son, who

tape-recorded them for posterity.

Seventy-five years after that first train ride his grandson, armed with that tape and a 16mm camera, would spend a year retracing his grandfather¹s travels, from the plains of Oklahoma to the mountains of Washington to the deserts of southern California, looking for echoes of the past in the

modern landscape.

The result is a film about traveling, about hardship and loneliness, but also about the way the simplest acts of kindness can reverberate through an entire life. Like its source material, it is a fragmented journey,

leaving us with snapshots of life experience, as it was then and as it is now.


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