The Treasures of Long Gone John
Gregg Gibbs
Documentary Video 100:00 2006

The Treasures of Long Gone John is a feature-length documentary that chronicles the eccentric art and musical obsessions of indie record producer

Long Gone John.

The product of a troubled childhood, Long Gone John found success through the establishment of the record label, Sympathy for the Record Industry. During the past seventeen years, he has single-handedly released over 750 records without ever signing a contract and has helped launch the careers of the White Stripes, Hole, The Dwarves and Rocket from the Crypt. Along the way, he compulsively amassed a vast collection of art and pop ephemera,

in addition to starting the Necessaries Toy Foundation.


The Treasures of Long Gone John profiles the work of four artists in John¹s immense collection of art, music and oddities: Todd Schorr, Mark Ryden, Camille Rose Garcia and Robert Williams. The film reveals the private world of each artist and their creative process while simultaneously weaving in the execution of a 6 by 8 foot painting of John by Todd Schorr –

captured over a ten-month period.



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