Shut Yer Dirty Little Mouth! Robert Taicher Feature Video 74 min 2002
“Beautifully directed . . . the acting is intense and powerful.” – Jeffrey Lyons “Dialougue worthy of Becket or Mamet . . . imagine, maybe, ‘The Odd Couple’ goes to the Bowery.” – Vanity Fair “’Shut Yer Dirty Little Mouth’ is the culmination of a fourteen-year-old legacy of self-loathing and drunken nonsense that have been heared by millions the world over. Adapted from a 1993 play based on and named for the infamous ‘Shut Up! Little Man’ tapes, Taicher’s film beautifully captures the hateful, drunken spewings of San Francisco’s real-life low-lifes, Raymond and Peter, whose unwittingly audiotaped fights, verbal harangues, and troubling monologues about killing have amused and horrified countless converts worldwide. Although long-time fans of the recordings may quibble over the less-than-verbatim deliveries of Glenn Shadix as Peter and Gill Gayle as Raymond, the performances are so intense that concerns over complete accuracy are quickly forgotten. If you’ve only experienced Ray and Pete as theatre of the mind, it’s a hoot just to SEE what you could only imagine before. Don’t know Ray and Pete? Don’t need to. Just let the hate wash over you like a warm mixture of cheap vodka and canned corned beef hash.” – David Gilleran “Robert Taicher earned his Indie credentials by producing Alejandro Jodorowsky’s ‘The Holy Mountain,’ and working on ‘Santa Sangre.’ His latest film is an outrageous, often hilarious, slice-of-life in the tradition of ‘Barfly.’ It is best described as ‘Waiting for Godot’ meets ‘The Odd Couple in Hell.’ Peter (Glenn Shadix, ‘Beetlejuice’) and Ray (Gill Gayle, ‘The New Women’) are down-and-out alcoholics living in the ‘Pepto Bismol Palace’ in the Lower Haight. They imbibe massive quantities of vodka, report each other to 911, get hauled off to jail, and raise the ire of everyone within earshot. Based on actual conversations recorded in the late ’80s, these unbelievable harangues became an underground cultural sensation. Duplicated again and again, these aural journals of self-loathing and drunken nonsense traveled the world. They were featured on NPR, alternative radio, and they became a daily soap opera on the airwaves in Auckland, New Zealand. Samples appear on records by L7, Faith No More, and Kim Deal. A bittersweet slice of urban Americana.” – San Francisco Independent Film Festival

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