Take Away Todd Verow Feature Video 73 min World Premiere 2002
“Todd Verow’s frenetic and corrosively low-rent visions of American verities—raw sex and shredded emotion—portray glamour as a kind of drug-induced condition.” – San Francisco Bay Guardian “Embracing feature production on portable digital equipment, Verow has become a missionary for a fast and cheap aesthetic that has created remarkably moving character-based stories.” – Filmmaker Magazine “Be afraid, be very afraid.” – Variety “Take Away,” the seventh digital feature from underground auteur Todd Verow, is an experimental narrative about a New York City actress (the always captivating Philly) who takes a film role in Berlin in order to escape her failing marriage. By chance, in the film she portrays a woman who is leaving her husband. She makes plans to rendezvous with a lover in Copenhagen after the film’s completion but soon discovers that she is not as sexually adventurous as she thought and really misses her husband. Simultaneously her screen character discovers that she enjoys anonymous sex with strangers and masturbating in public bathrooms. Eventually the film and her life fuse as she discovers what it is like to be a woman of a certain age who is completely alone. “Take Away” was a 2002 Chicago Underground Film Fund recipient.

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