FESTIVAL PARTIES! August 16, Thursday – Opening Night Concert and Party Elbo Room (2871 N. Lincoln) Loose Thread Records Night Featuring Tekluvi, Melochrome, and Western Automatic


$7 cover Free with opening night ticket.

Tekluvi: A four-piece rock band from Chicago whose sound is marked by sharp dynamic contrasts, where delicate arpeggios give way to pummeling riffs, with inticate counterpoint lines up against straight-ahead rock’n’roll.

Melochrome – On their debut album, The Music We Make, Melochrome entered the studio with producer Keith Cleversley (Flaming Lips, Mercury Rev, Spiritualized, Hum) to record a collection of songs spreading warm vintage keyboards over dense guitars, bass, drums, & vocals with delays and tremelos added to the mix. On the new album, Stay a Little Longer, (due for September release) Melochrome moves in a different path with less effects and oodles more instrumentation. “Lucid music that, if anything, reaches aphrodisiac qualities.” Spin.com

Western Automatic – Western Automatic builds a subtle musical landscape of peaceful, droney sounds centered around the electric piano. Live, core member Matt Christensen lays his experimental electronic vibe, and recorded project members, with intriguing results.

August 17, Friday – Underground, Not Out of Sight – Videos and Films About Music
Subterranean (2011 W. North Ave) – Upstairs 10PM – 1:30A $5 cover Video Programs about music including:

Intergalactic Garage Rock Monster – Compiled by Mike Miller – Super rare and lost footage of garage rock bands from the 60’s and beyond. Plunderphonics – Compiled by Nate Johnson, Director Sound Unseen Film Festival – “Even when we were at odds with Metallica, we always understood that they had the best interests of artists in mind,” said Shawn Fanning, Founder of Napster, during their kissy-kissy makeup session with the INDUSTRY. We ask you this, Shawn: Back when you had all that Metallica shit at your disposal for free, why didn’t you do something interesting with it? Thank Jeezus for “plunderphonics” – those people with the vision to snare the media overload around us, re-contextualize these sounds and images, and re-edit them into entirely new works. This 45-minute program of videos examines new works that delve into the art of appropriation, including videos by Negativland, Animal Charm, Paul Harvey Oswald, Escape Mechanism and more. TLVSN. By Design. – TLVSN curates a selection of videos created and/or directed by some of the world’s most innovative graphic designers and directors. Music by Funkstorung, Spacer, Cassius, Golden Shower, Radiohead and more are interpreted by design freaks like Shynola, Alex + martin, Designers Republic, Run Wrake, and others. Compiled by Edmar, founder of Lumpen Times – Music videos not suitable for children, beyond parental guidance and without the approval of MTV. Underground, Not Out of Sight – Remember when MTV didn’t suck? We didn’t think so. This program will give you an idea of what it could have been like. Music videos from underground and independent bands both local and international. Featuring Royal Trux, Tortoise, Radiohead, Modest Mouse and more.

August 18, Saturday – Live Music and Live Film Night The Hideout (1354 W. Wabansia)$7 Cover

Ashtar Command and Frontier. Ashtar Command is the latest brainchild of
Yum-Yum’s Chris Holmes. Past guest musicians have included Brian Liesgang (formerly of Filter), Sinead O’Connor and Veruca Salt’s Louise Post. Look for a full-length record from Ashtar Command to come out this fall. Frontier will perform a live improvised set with filmmakers Jeff Economy and Carolyn Faber. Faber and Economy have previously collaborated with Tortoise, Labradford, Califone, Sinister Luck Ensemble and Ken Vandermark among others in performances that combine film projections and live music. Filmmakers and musicians build off each other’s sounds and images, weaving loops, found fragments, handmade films and music into a sublime filigree of light, color, movement, and sound.

August 19, Sunday – Soundscape – Mixed images and mixed beats featuring Chicago’s most accomplished VJs and DJs. The Note (1565 N. Milwaukee)

Featuring Josh Ferrazamo, Brien Ruilman of OVT Visuals, Trevor Arnholt of Merkaba Video and more.


$6 cover

CUFF invites you to explore the vital ground between mixed images and mixed beats. Technology both new and old is used to borrow, amplify, focus and hijack images and sound both familiar and strange. Two screens, two turntables, four televisions and a full out sensory overlaod.

OVT Visuals info:
Brien E Rullman – VJ TEK from OVT Visuals

A New Media Installation artist and explorer…presenting a new video performance featuring current experimental animations and cut up audio chaos…hijacking high end media software and prosumer video technology a live mix will unfold for futuresight freaks. ovtvisuals.com.

August 20, Monday -Take the Filmmakers Bowling Party – Sponsored by Newcity Timberlanes (1851 W. Irving Park Rd.) Booze. Bowling. Drunken Filmmakers.

Unlimited Bowling, Free Shoe Rental & food courtesy of Costello’s Sandwhiches and Sides.


$5 cover

August 21, Tuesday – We Sold Our Souls for Rock and Roll Post Party Delilah’s (2771 N. Lincoln Ave.)

Featuring DJ Jen B spinning heavy rock at Chicago’s most infamous rock-n-roll bar.

No Cover.

August 22, Wednesday – Closing Night Concert & Awards Double Door (1572 N. Milwaukee Ave.)

Featuring the Waco Brothers with the Goblins

Doors 9PM – Goblins 10PM – Awards 11:00 – Wacos 11:30 to close $7 cover

The Waco Brothers with The Goblins – Two legendary live bands and quite possibly the most dichotomous double bill of pure talent and raw entertainment ever seen together. The Waco Brothers play their Cash-meets-Clash inspired country music while The Goblins keep you guessing who’s behind the masks throughout their garrulous garage/punk rock set.

Other special events

5×8 Video Competition
Sunday August 19 8:00- 12 Midnight. Films will be screened Monday August 20 10:30 pm

Space is limited to 15 teams. To participate show up at the hospitality table at start-time. You must provide your own video equipment. Screening formats will be VHS or miniDV.

Tired of sitting around with friends, talking about writing screenplays and dreaming about creating music for car commercials? Then you and your video camera ought to participate in the 5 x 8 video competition.

You are to create a five minute video in eight hours based on the topic we dish out. Everyone receives the topic and detailed rules at the same time. The topic may be a brief passage from Moore or it may consist of lines from a Public Enemy song. You then rush out, panic, write, shoot, edit, break tapes, swear profusely, sweat and create a video. Each group’s interpretation will, of course, be different and unique. We encourage all styles – narrative, experimental, music video, informational/industrial or whatever else you can think of.

You turn in your tapes and we watch them. Immediately. You shake off the sweat and grab a beer that you have brought with you. The best pieces are laughed at, cried at and generally regarded as a-ok. The worst are watched in their entirety, same as the rest. Everything must go. After a little wrestling with a small panel of judges, prizes are doled out. Applause. All right! You just made a movie! Tell someone!

“Imagine the thrill of a road rally circa 1977 with the hectic last-minute cramming for college exams with a bunch of bitchy and increasingly intolerant friends around you, telling you how to frame your shots and
hogging up the scenery. Our first festival was a raging success, with over thirty groups and well over a hundred total media makers present. 250 people crammed into a small space to witness a pretty amazing spectacle and most thoroughly enjoyed some or all of the screening. Why not participate?”

“Really, it is thrilling. It’s all about accomplishment. We offer a chance to create and watch strangely inventive work at a low price. We had a great time at our first festival and saw some really amazing videos. Come on out; all you need is a video camera (you can even edit in-camera if you don’t have a computer or acccess to one), a tape and about fifteen dollars. And if you know a filmmaker who didn’t get into this or that festival and they seem a little down-on-their-luck, pass the word along. Thanks.” – Sean U’ren, 5 x 8

August 17th – 23rd 2001


1821 West North Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60622

Hours: Thursday ˆ Sunday 12:00p.m. -7:00p.m.

Premier of several film based micro-installations exploring the visual context of religious iconography and its relationship to the suppression of sexual impulse. (8mm loops of stag footage superimposed within the framework of South American religious boxes)

Opening reception August 17th @ 7pm

Satyr/Sadist Kristie Drew

Experimental. Video. 8:00. 2001

A masochist‚s darkest fantasy, Satyr / Sadist is half documentation and half re-creation, couched as a loose story about being raped by a sadist who literally becomes part beast.

Whacks Kevin McCann

Documentary. Video. 22:00. 2000. Midwest Premiere

Shot entirely on location at the Forged in Ink tattoo convention in Reading, PA, Whacks is an intimate look at the Philadelphia-based body suspension artist-group of the same name. Director McCann offers insight into the minds of these extraordinary performers through a number of interviews and

performances–including one now recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records for its painful duration.

Thank You, Mistress Libido Magazine

Short. Video. 30:00. 2001. U.S. Premiere

An encounter with fetish-based art tickles the fancy of a young couple, who happen upon the basement dungeon of an art gallery. There they come face-to-face with bizarre urges lying beneath the seeming normalcy of everyday life.

Friday August 17th

Presented in conjunction with Ladyfest Midwest

7:00 p.m. Congress Theater

2135 W. Milwaukee Ave.

Around the Dial Christine Gilliland

Documentary, 25:00, 2001

A look at the three-year old pirate radio collective˜Radio West Town”—and an inspiration to take back the airwaves corpo-rate media conglomerates that regulate every nook and cranny of communication.

Grrlyshow Kara Herold

Documentary. Video. 18:00. 2000.

A look at girl-zines and girl-zine-makers. With titles like “Bitch,‚ “Bust’ and “Bamboo Girl’, girl-zines are uncensored Do-It-Yourself publications by and for women. These often inexpensively made vehicles of self-expression represent viewpoints of women and girls whose complex lives are ignored in traditional media.

Nobody Knows my Name Rachel Raimis

Documentary, 56:00, 1999

“As pervasive as American hip-hop culture has become over the last few years, it remains a mainly male-dominated field. Despite the occasional breakthrough (Lauryn Hill, Salt N Pepa, and Lil Kim come to mind), strong female artists have largely been shut out of the system. With NOBODY KNOWS MY NAME, director
Rachel Raimist shines some long overdue light on six women who tie their lives and identities to the hip-hop world. Performers like Medusa, T-Love, Asia One, and DJ Symphony speak frankly about their experiences and display a resolute dedication to their respective art forms. NOBODY KNOWS MY NAME gives unimpeachable testimony to their skills as MCs, DJs, producers, and breakdancers. Raimist, who has directed video projects for Redman, Lauryn Hill, Wu-Tang Clan and others, makes this an insightful document of perseverance and empowerment.” –Nate Johnson, Sound Unseen

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